Choose Your Own Religion

Choose Your Own Religion

Story Guidelines

For our live shows, please keep your stories to a 5-6 minute true, personal experience that happened to you. We want the experiences that shaped your religious beliefs (or lack thereof). Share your pain, share your joy, share your secrets, your failures, the hilarious gross times, the surprising revelations. Share your lessons learned. Invite us to explore the events and emotions of your religious and spiritual life, and we’ll come along for the ride. We also find that a beginning, middle, and end help your story shine.

Here’s what we’re not looking for: detailed explanations of a particular religion (except when it relates directly to your story), history lessons, or anything full of disrespect or hate. We ask that you treat the space as you would the living room of a friend of a friend. Mature themes and language are okay, but be mindful that these are interfaith events with many different religious views present and worthy of respect.

Simply put, we’re looking for stories, not sermons. We believe that through sharing these stories of our individual search for truth and meaning we draw closer together in empathy and understanding.

For any questions, or if you would like to host your own Choose Your Own Religion, please email