Choose Your Own Religion

Choose Your Own Religion

Hey, I'm Joe. I grew up the son of a Presbyterian minister, but at some point stopped calling myself a Christian. I started this project to read the beans in my spiritual gumbo, interviewing other comedians about their experiences with religion.

Then I started asking artists, musicians, pastors, humanitarians, bloggers, vloggers, and everyone else for their stories too. I don't know how much I figured out, but I began listening better.

As I continue discerning my own spirituality, I want to keep learning what the ancestral mystics of our world's religious traditions were trying to describe, what they all have in common, and how their message got corrupted by the powerful. I want to keep exploring what it means to have faith without needing specific beliefs, to have intellectual honesty while dancing with mystery. To hear how other people came to understand the world through their own experiences and on their own terms. To rediscover that maybe I can be a Christian, but that’s not all I have to be.

My main goal is to find people I resonate with and help us all connect with fellow resonators. Because if I've only learned a single thing over all my Sundays, it's that everyone needs a community. Even when we make our own path, paths are made so that more people can walk together.

So: let us pray. If you're into that kinda shit.


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I perform standup and tell stories in Los Angeles and run this podcast out of my studio apartment. For more me, go to You can also email me at, or if you wanna be buds, follow me on Twitter